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In 1968 he joined Merrill Lynch in Toronto as a stockbroker, becoming registered with the New York Stock Exchange, the Ontario Securities Commission and the Chicago Board of Trade.

By 1973 he was head of investment fund sales and of advertising for Canada. In 1974, he was transferred to New York City as vice president and worldwide director of advertising and sales promotion.

In 1975, he planned and executed National Investment Seminar Week for Merrill Lynch in the USA, in which every ML office (over 400 of them) put on an investment seminar during one week, focusing the company and the investing public on what they should be doing with their money in tough times. Merrill Lynch opened 50,000 new accounts as a result of this.

The programme won the Silver Anvil Award for excellence in marketing from the Public Relations Society of America.

In 1976, having earned a fat bonus, he bought his first aeroplane, a Piper Comanche 250, and wrote the best-selling The Aircraft Owner's Handbook

as a result (sample review: "With this book, the Library of Congress can close the doors to the general aviation stacks, because it's all here in eight vast codices unlike anything we've ever seen." (The Aviation Consumer)
55,000 copies were sold.

Comanche 'Five One Papa' over Bucks County, PA.

Foster with 'Five One Papa' his beloved Comanche, N8251P, in 1976.

He soon went out on his own to write, producing five more books in the process, Upgrading Your Airplane's Avionics, How to Become an Airline Pilot, Flying in Congested Airspace, The Aviators' Catalog and Word Processing for Executives and Professionals, which he co-authored with computer-communications guru Alfred Glossbrenner.

In 1984, he joined the leading public relations firm of Burson-Marsteller in New York as a creative director, and moved to London in 1986 in the same role, where he became vice president.

He returned to the independent sector in 1987, remaining in England, where he writes books and runs his advertising slogan business.

Three videos made for public sale were all produced for Visnews Video (now Reuters): Wings the Jet Age, Wheels the Joy of Cars and Your Guide to Antique Shopping in Britain (sample review: 'A must for anyone who wants to try their hand at treasure hunting in the UK... this video is required watching.' -- Art & Auction magazine).


He has also developed a radio programme, based on his books. In 1995 he scripted a five-part television programme for Russian TV on personal investment as part of a British Know-How Fund privatisation initiative. He spent nearly a month in Moscow and St Petersburg in 1994 working on privatisation initiatives. In 1998-99 he developed a series of three CD-ROM programs on business skills for Southwark College.

He has completed the creation of 20 training modules on advertising effectiveness for the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, brochures for Andersen Consulting, Brussels Airport and Levi Strauss Europe, and a paper for The Journal of Communications Management. He has contributed a story 'How Ad Slogans Work' on the website How Stuff Works.


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