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Is your advertising slogan suffering from delusions of grandeur?

Does it show signs of paranoia, schizophrenia or just plain insanity?

You can find out by using Sloganalysis®!

Sloganalysis® is a free diagnostic tool developed by that helps you check the effectiveness of a proposed line.

  • Measures any advertising slogan against 10 key benchmarks

  • Provides scoring system for easy comparison of different lines

  • Shows strengths and weaknesses of lines under consideration

  • Acts as a checklist for line development

  • Hard copy available for use offline

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Anal is our middle name.

Using Sloganalysis® to measure a slogan's potential

You want your slogan to work well for you. But how can you tell if a slogan is good enough? You either like it or you don't. But what else? What if you have four suggested lines to choose from - all of them seemingly good?

There are certain key considerations that can affect a slogan's effectiveness. That's why we developed a tool to evaluate a line quickly, based on our article The Art & Science of the Advertising Slogan.

What it's for

Sloganalysis® is not intended as a device to make the definitive decision. Rather, think of it as an ingredient in the mix of resources you use to perfect a line - like a dictionary or thesaurus. It will help you understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of a line or group of lines, or you can use it as a checklist. In fact we've provided a printer-friendly version of the score sheet to use in brainstorming sessions.

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Anal is our middle name.


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