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Addictively good.Sky TV Box Setsdigital TV serviceT2016UK Ire
Add a little culture.Farmers Uniongreek yoghurtT P2016Australia
Because anything can happen.AAauto breakdownT R2016 UK
Because Summer.MaliburumT2016USA
Bring home the weekend.KFCfast food retailerT2016UK
Bring out the bold.Listerine Cool MintmouthwashP T2016USA UK
Business Grade. People Friendly.Vonagebusiness telecomsT2016USA
Captain of white rum.Captain Morgan WhiterumT2016UK
Cherish your teeth.Tridentchewing gumT2016USA
Choose to live better.Public Health Agencyhealth infoT2016UK
Comfort never grows old.CooncheeseT2016Australia
Communicating all over the world.NorthTelecomsatellite communicationsT2016Pan-Eur
Cornish for ice cream.Kelly'sice creamT2016UK
Creatively Crafted by Castello.TicklercheeseT2016UK
Defence that lasts.Coppertone Sportsun protectionT2016Can
Defiantly Different.Mini Cooper ClubmancarsT2016USA
Do you wanna bet?A McLean Bookmakerssports event bettingT2016UK
Drink your snacks.Nutchellonut based drinkT2016USA
Embrace Spoonfulness.OnkenyoghurtP2016UK
Embrace the luxury class.Opel AstracarsT2016SA
Every day deserves Aunt Bessie's.Aunt Bessie'sfrozen foodsT2016UK
Everything you need when you need it.Clas Ohlsonmulti-sector retailerT2016UK
Experience the exceptional deep clean.Arm & Hammer TotalProtoothpasteT P2016UK
Family takes care of family.Fedhealthmedical insuranceT2016SA
Feeds the fun.Dairyleacheese spreadT2016UK
#FEELSSOGOODTesco, F&Fsupermarket, fashionP2016UK
Flow my music.Deezeronline musicT2016UK
For life's journeysHalford'sbicycle retailerT2016UK
For the love of the game.Betwayonline bettingP T2016UK
For the Thirsty.Foster'sbeerT2016UK
Free the spirit.Bombay SapphireginT2016UK
Get there with Uber.Ubertaxi serviceR O2016UK
Go you. GoDaddy.GoDaddyweb hostingT2016USA Can AUS
Hello Sunshine.Coppertonesun protectionT P2016USA
Here to help life go right.State Farmfinance rangeT2016USA
Hold True.MagnersciderT P2016UK
How Very Carr'sCarr'scrackersP2016UK
It all started so well.Alpen Oat GranolacerealT2016UK
It's Go Time.Smirnoff Double Black Icealcoholic drinksT2016SA
It's Good To Be Different.Co-op BankbankP T2016UK
Keep Discovering.Subwayfast food retailerT P2016UK
Keep on track.Pure Proteinsupplement barT2016USA
Let it Blossom.Blossom HillwineO2016UK
Life's better when we share.Nationwide Building Societybuilding societyT2016UK
Little glass has a lot of what you need.Tropicanafruit juiceP T2016UK
Look on the light side.MalteserschocolatesT2016UK
Love cheese? Welcome to the club.Cathedral CitycheeseT2016UK
Love Your Thing.UKTV Playtv channel, VODP T2016UK
Made with Sunshine.Florettebagged saladP2016UK
Make time for Hugs.HuggiesnappiesT2016NZ
More for you O2.O2mobile communicationsP T2016UK
Not in our nature.JordanscerealP2016


Plant the Seed.Tooheys 5 SeedsciderT2016Australia
Ready for more.Boots No 7cosmeticsT P2016UK
Recipe for Wonderful.BarillapastaP2016USA
Smile, you're on Tesco Mobile.Tescomobile communicationsT P2016UK
The Big Hearted Bank.Auswide BankbankT2016Australia
Totally TallawahOld Jamaican Ginger Beersoft drinksT2016UK
We make whisky the Canadian way.Crown RoyalwhiskyT2016Can
When coffee met BaileysBaileyscoffee liqueurP2016UK

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