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A Better Way to Live.Redrowproperty developersP2016UK
A Taste of Happy.Ambrosiafrozen custardP2016UK
Aim HighStrongbow Cloudy AppleciderT O2016UK
Always get it right.iselectonline financial serviceT O2016Australia
An Exceedingly Good Distraction.Mr KiplingcakesT2016UK
Anything Goes.Toyota RAV4carsT2016NZ
Because great value matters.Allianz Suissecar insuranceT2016 Australia
Breakfast of Legends.Kellogg's Ancient LegendscerealT2016UK Ire
Brewed to hit the spot.Real Iced Tea Coiced teaT2016Australia
Brilliant eating by the box.Abel & Colefood delivery serviceP2016UK
Bring out the bold.Listerine Cool MintmouthwashP T2016USA UK
Business Common Sense.Barclaysbusiness bankingR2016UK
C'est bon. c'est Bonne Maman.Bonne MamandessertsP T2016UK
Cherish your teeth.Tridentchewing gumT2016USA
Choose pleasure.Dove Fruit & NutchocolateP T2016USA
Crafted by the oven.KP Oven BakednutsP2016UK
Defiantly Different.Mini Cooper ClubmancarsT2016USA
Do More BusinessSage Paypayment softwareP2016UK
Do more of the good stuff.Subaru ForesteroffroaderT2016Australia
Don't do the everyday, every day.Royal Navymilitary recruitmentT2016UK
Drink Amazing.Britawater filtersP2016USA
Drink Up.Seattle's Best CoffeecoffeeP2016USA
Energy feeds your passion.Uncle Tobys OatscerealT2016Australia
Every day deserves Aunt Bessie's.Aunt Bessie'sfrozen foodsT P2016UK
Expect more.Moneyfarminvestment fundsP2016UK
Feeds the fun.Dairyleacheese spreadT2016UK
For the Thirsty.Foster'sbeerT2016UK
For real superheroes.Toyota CamrycarsC2016Australia
For your next step, we'll be by your side.Lloyds BankbankP T2016UK
Fringe with benefits.Bank SAbankT2016Australia
Fuel your instincts.Alfa Romeo GiuliettacarsP2016UK
Full on till it's gone.Maoamfruit sweetsT2016UK Eur
Get stuck in.Paul Hollywoodbread and cake mixP2016UK
Get that bargain feeling.The Warehousedepartment storeT O2016NZ
Get their tails wagging.Birds Eyefrozen foodsT C O2016UK
Go you. GoDaddy.GoDaddyweb hostingT2016USA Can AUS
Got a plan? Now you can.Gemfinancial services, loansT2016NZ
Hello Sunshine.Coppertonesun protectionT P2016USA
Ingenuity for life.Siemensengineering corporateP2016USA
It's all about the service.Kwik-Fitcar service centreT R2016UK
It's betting, better.SkyBetonline gamblingP2016UK
It's Good To Be Different.Co-op BankbankP T2016UK
It's not just a biscuit. It's a Bahlsen.BahlsenbiscuitsT2016UK
Just you & blu.Blu Plus+electronic cigarettesT P O2016UK USA
Keep it real. Keep it Tyson.TysonfoodsT P2016USA
Keep on track.Pure Proteinsupplement barT2016USA
Let's Build Happy.Legoconstruction toysT C2016USA
Let's Create.B&Qdiy retailerP T2016UK
Little glass has a lot of what you need.Tropicanafruit juiceP T2016UK
Look on the light side.MalteserschocolatesT2016UK
Make the right connections.Financial TimesnewspaperP O2016UK
Morrisons Makes It.MorrisonssupermarketP T2016UK
Move Naturally.Purnatonjoint supplementsP2016UK
myAustrian. The charming way to fly.Austrian AirlinesairlineP2016UK
Nothing beats Gatorade.Gatorade Fierceenergy drinksT2016


Paypal is new money.PayPalonline paymentsP2016UK
Powered by plants.FloramargarineT2016UK Ire
Plant the Seed.Tooheys 5 SeedsciderT2016Australia
Play The Now.Moet & ChandonchampagneP2016UK
Play With Time.MartinispiritsT2016Pan-Eur
Powered by plants.FloraspreadsP T2016UK
Raise one to right now.Bud LightbeerT2016USA
Ready for more.Boots No 7cosmeticsT P2016UK
Recipe for Wonderful.BarillapastaP2016USA
Ridiculous Possibilities.TK Maxxmulti-sector retailerT2016UK
See The Lite.Litehousesalad dressingT2016USA
Taste the Feeling.Coca-Colasoft drinksP T2016UK Global
The bare bear snack.Pom-Bearsnacks, crispsT2016UK
The best fuel the best.Gatoradeenergy drinksT2016USA
The Smile Factory.Rowntree'ssweets rangeT2016UK
We're Stegglers for Quality time.Steggleschicken rangeT P2016Australia
What do you feel like?Menulogonline takeaway serviceT2016Australia
Where Next?First TransPennine Expressnational rail serviceT R O2016UK
Yes You Can.Batistehair styling rangeT2016UK

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