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A more human way to do.Microsoft Windows 10softwareT O2015UK Global
A new leader for a new world.Lafarge HolcimconstructionP2015UK Global
Always in Beta.New BalancesportswearT P2015UK
And the best is yet to come.San MiguelbeerT C2015UK
Arrive Hungry.
Gatwick Airportairport restaurants
Be Bensons.Bensons for Bedsbeds retailerT P2015UK
Be Freixenet.Freixenetsparkling wineP2015UK
Bend the rules.HP Sproutdeskstop/scannerT2015UK USA
Bred with tenderness.Otway Porkmeats, porkP2015Australia
Bring a McGuigan.McGuiganwine rangeT2015Australia
Bring the Brini.Lambrinisparkling wineT2015UK
Bursting with flavour.Ribenasquash drinks P2015UK
Build on Advantage.CBRE Richard Ellisproperty, real estate P2015UK
Building for your future.NESTemployment savings, pensionsP2015UK
By your side for 250 years.Lloyds BankbankT P O2015UK
Change banking for good.The Co-operative BankbankT2015NZ
Checkout to Check InTravelsupermarket.comtravel arrangersT2015UK
Clearly more to it.Volvic Touch of Fruitflavoured waterT2015UK
Crafted to Perfection.Weston'sciderO2015UK
Depend on the dog.Churchill insurance rangeT R2015UK
Designed to be forgotten.Quilted Northerntoilet tissueT2015USA
Don't fear the mess.Pampers Wipesbaby wipesT2015UK
Easy Daz it.Dazlaundry detergentP2015UK
Find Flavour.Fuller's FrontierbeerO P2015UK
Find your flow.Lucozade Energyenergy drinkT O R2015UK
Find your fast.Nikesports footwearT P2015UK USA
For Happy Bodies.Aquafinamineral waterT2015USA
Get out more.Volkswagen cars rangeT2015Australia
Go Get It.National Expressbus & coach travelP2015UK
Good times.McDonald'sfast food retailer T O2015UK
Healthy meals made easy.Uncle Ben's Rice & Grainsrice and grainsP2015UK
Helping life taste happy.Whitworths Sugarsugar rangeP2015UK
How banking can be.ING Directbanking servicesT C2015Australia
How will you start your day?AlpencerealT2015UK
Imagine.Lotto PowerballlotteryT P2015NZ
Keep it tea.PG TipsteaP2015UK
Keep your vits about you.Vitaminwaterbottled waterT2015UK
Let's be clear.Clearasilmedicated skincareT2015USA
Let's play.Keno LotterylotteryT O R2015 Australia
Life flows better with Ireland's fastest broadband.UPCinternet broadband servicesT2015Ire
Little. Often.Co-opsupermarketT P2015UK
Live in colour.Kellogg's Special KcerealT P2015UK Ire
Live life in full colour.Dove Invisble Dryfemale deodorantDV2015UK
Live Loud.Poligripdenture fixativeP2015UK Can USA
Live your American Dream.Virgin Atlantic / Delta AirlinesairlinesP2015UK
Long Live the Neighbourhood.JamesonwhiskyT2015USA
Lunch happy.Jacob'ssavoury snacksT2015UK
Made of Power.AEG Powertoolspower toolsT2015Australia
Made of Red.Alfa RomeocarsT P2015UK
Make it yours.American FundsinvestmentsP2015USA
O Refreshing Stuff.Oasissoft drinksO2015UK
Only ordinary by  name.John Smith'sbeerT2015UK
Open up a whole new world.Jaeger Le CoultrewatchesP2015UK
Outstanding Moments.WeberbarbecuesP2015UK
Partners in Pethood.Petsmartpetcare retailerT2015USA
Powerful stain removal with every spin.Persil Dual Capsulelaundry detergentT2015UK
Protect their curiosity.Internet Mattersinternet safety infoT2015UK
Put on the Ritz.Ritz Crisp & ThincrispbreadsT2015UK
Reserve the moment.dimmionline restaurant reservationsO2015Australia
Savour the little wins.Sealordtinned salmonT2015NZ
Shop a Lidl Smarter.LidlsupermarketT P2015UK
Sixt. Drive Smug.Sixtcar rentalP 2015UK
Soften Up.KleenextissuesT2015Australia
Someone needs one.KleenextissuesT2015USA
Spoonfuls of Joy.Cadbury Dessertschocolate dessertsP2015UK
Stupidly simple.Vita Cocococonut waterO2015UK Eur
That's Living Chemistry.ChemourschemicalsP2015USA
That's Travelodgical.TravelodgehotelsT P R2015UK
The massive hit that improves you a bit.V Energy Drinksenergy drinksT2015Australia
The Power of Protection.Kaspersky Labsecurity softwareP2015UK
This is the good sheet.Handeekitchen towelsT2015Australia
Unique in every wave.Sun ChipscrispsP2015USA
Wake Up Wonderful. Forty Winksbed retailerP2015Australia
Wing Everything.Booking.comtravel companyP2015UK
Your World, Your Way.ANZbankT P2015AUS NZ

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