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Source:, January 2015

Source: Marketing Week, 24 June 2014 by Lucy Tesseras

Source: Marketing Week, 15 May 2013 by Mark Ritson

Name the brands from their famous straplines
Celebrating 150 years of advertising on the underground

Creative Review - Top 20 Slogans
Source: Creative Review, February 2012
Source: Marketing, 11 May 2011
Source: Brandweek, 22 September 2009 by Robert Klara
Source: Campaign, 11 September 2009 by Matt Williams
Source: The Herald, 31 January 2009 by Chris Watt
Reviewing the value of endlines as branding tools
by Steve Wateridge and Brian Donaghey of The Research Business International

Branding News
A powerful film about advertising and inspiration

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HAT, History of Advertising Trust
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