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Marketing Communications Consultants Association (UK)
The SPCA represents over 50 of the leading agency practitioners in the UK, offering the best in promotional marketing and communications. It helps clients find the right agency and promotes its agencies collectively in a variety of ways - through the SPCA Portfolio service, through showcasing agency work to the industry via the SPCA Best Awards programme, through advertising and published information such as this site, and its directory.

Marketing Society, The (UK)
The Marketing Society is the premier organisation in the UK for senior marketing professionals and general managers of marketing-oriented companies.

Media Trust, The (UK)
The Media Trust is a charity which works in partnership with the media industry to meet the communications needs of the voluntary sector.

Museum of Brands (UK)
he Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising. Collection of toys, comics, magazines, newspapers, technology, travel, royal souvenirs, fashion and design.

Outdoor Advertising Association (UK)
Trade association for the outdoor advertising industry. Its members own and operate billboard sites of all sizes on the roadside, transportation systems, forecourts and other locations seen by members of the public.

Public Relations Consultants Association (UK)
The PRCA website is now the premier source of information about UK public relations consultants available on the Internet today.

Public Relations Society of America (USA)
The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is the world's largest professional organization for public relations practitioners. Its almost 20,000 members represent business and industry, counseling firms, government, associations, hospitals, schools, professional services firms and nonprofit organizations.

Radio Advertising Bureau (UK)
Trade marketing department for the whole commercial radio industry in the UK.

The Radio Authority (UK)
The UK watchdog agency that is responsible for non-BBC radio. It deals with licencing and listener complaints.

Trade Marks Registry of the UK Patent Office (UK)
Useful information about trade marks and the registration process in the UK.

US Federal Trade Commission: Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising
Takes you through the US advertising code of practice -- what you can and cannot do and say in an ad.

See Advertising Standards Authority (above) for the UK version.

US Patent and Trademark Office (USA)
Useful information about trademarks and the registration process in the USA.

World Federation of Advertisers (Belgium)
The only worldwide body to represent the interests of advertisers on anything connected with marketing and communications.

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