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Account Planning Group, The (UK)
The definitive site for the account planning discipline.

Advertising Assocation, The (UK)
Promotes and protects the rights, responsibilities and role of advertising in the UK.

Advertising Educational Foundation (USA)
The Advertising Educational Foundation serves as the industry's clearinghouse, repository and distribution force for educational information and materials to improve the perception and understanding of the social, historical, cultural and economic role of advertising. Targeting liberal arts students and their professors as well as students, educators and anyone interested in advertising, the Foundation's main priorities are:

• To support advertising education in any academic context through on-campus visits and the World Wide Web.

• To help attract the highest level of talent to the industry.

Advertising Research Foundation (USA)
US professional organization in the field of advertising, marketing and media research.

Advertising Standards Authority (UK)
Ensures that the rules in the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion are followed by everyone who prepares and publishes advertisements for the UK.

Worth a visit to look at the code and to review complaints about advertisements and see how they were dealt with.

AdWorld (IE)
Irish advertising portal.

American Advertising Federation (USA)
The unifying voice for advertising in the USA.

American Association of Advertising Agencies (USA)
US national trade organization representing the advertising agency business.

American Marketing Association (USA)

World's largest and most comprehensive professional society of marketers, with more than 45,000 worldwide members in 92 countries.

Association of National Advertisers (USA)
Marketing and advertising trade association, serving the interests of advertisers in the USA.

British Design and Art Direction (UK)
Professional association and educational charity working on behalf of the design and advertising communities.

Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (UK)
A self-regulatory body set up and funded by the broadcasters themselves to ensure compliance with UK advertising standards. Worth a visit to review complaints about commercials and how they were dealt with.

BuildingBrands is focused on brands, branding, marketing and
communications. It includes original articles, interactive learning games
and also offers a free 'Shared Learning' newsletter.

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