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Radio Advertising Bureau (UK)
Trade marketing department for the whole commercial radio industry in the UK. Has huge archive of radio commercials.

Superbrands (UK)
An insight into some of Britain's strongest brands.

Superbowl-Ads (USA)
All the news about the advertising on the most important media buy of the year. You can screen last year's commercials right there on the site. Super Bowl XXXIV airs on the US ABC Television Network on Sunday, January 30, 2000.

The Source Maythenyi (USA)
Maintains an extensive database that keeps track of all the TV commercials in the US, specializing in their production credits and content.

TV Ark (UK)
The Online UK TV Museum. Discover the history of TV presentation & graphic design.

Tagline Jim (USA)
Advertising and marketing copywriter specializing in smart, engaging, strategically grounded taglines and slogans.

Truth in Advertising (US)
Hundreds of old cigarette ads.

Claims to be the largest library of US TV commercials since the 1970s and growing every 30 seconds.

The world's only central archive of UK and international TV and press advertising, thus the most comprehensive service around. Covers all media in the UK, with archive stored digitally, enabling output to tape, CD, via the Internet or dedicated link.

Zenith Media (UK)
Over 4,000 hand-picked links to the Internet's leading sites. Every major corporate and brand site is linked here by category alongside hundreds of useful and interesting sites.

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