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"AdSlogans is one of our most frequently used suppliers - their research is an essential step in our review of campaign endlines and executional taglines. Katherine is a trusted and valued contact who always provides fast, comprehensive results, and dealing with her is always a pleasure!"  Barrie Williams, Business Affairs Director at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

"I have found your service fast, efficient and of the highest quality. Will definitely use this service again" Stephen Conway, Managing Director, AV Browne Advertising Group, Belfast

"AdSlogans is our best source for UK slogan research. It is reliable and Katherine is a perfect contact, always available and helpful in understanding our needs". Laure de Bayser, Project Director at AstonWood

"The Creative Directors came up with the endline only 24 hours before a major presentation. Naturally we had to check this out and AdSlogans turned around a worldwide check in under 24 hours. It's a small cost to pay when so much rides on a campaign and I would never hesitate in recommending AdSlogans to anybody."
Jeremy Miles, Chairman, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy

"I couldn't believe how quickly you responded to my request, and the information I got back was exactly what I needed: Unbelievably quick service, 100% on brief."
Emma McAllister, M&C Saatchi, London

"Thanks - man you've pulled out all the stops. Thank you very much, I didn't expect it so soon.
Cheers very much from myself and the BBH team"
Jim Clark, Researcher, Bartle Bogle Hegarty Ltd

"Priceless when you need to steer a course through the shoals of competitive claims"
Drayton Bird, The Drayton Bird Partnership

"Their service is excellent and very efficient."
Kate Harris, BMP DDB

"Your new site looks like a great resource for my firm. We are a law firm specialising in advertising law and other media law areas, and we are frequently asked to run checks on proposed advertising slogans. Your site will give us another layer to search, beyond trade mark and web searches."
Charlie Swan, The Simkins Partnership

"I had a specific and urgent request and was very impressed by how ADSlogans was flexible enough to respond to my needs within a tight deadline. I would have no hesitation in recommending them."
Grahame Jones, Partner Soukias Jones Design

I called at 6:30pm on a Friday night and the information I needed was on the fax one hour later!"
Ali Bailey, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

"One of the most useful sites for adpeople on the whole Web."
Tom Rayfield, Admap Magazine

"The LineCheck report was just what the client was looking for. It was done quickly and thoroughly and the client was impressed by the result which was easy to understand and to the point. I will be certain to recommend Line Check to others."
Ron Sternberg, RCS Advertising, Tokyo

"Customized, easy-to-use and fast. If you want to check out competitive claims this is the place."
Tim Wolters, Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg

"I tried it on the recommendation of a colleague. The response was swift, targetted and met my needs. It looks to me like a useful - and very welcome - additional resource."
John B. Draper, Trademark Department, Eastman Kodak Company, UK

"This site is a must if you work within business development."
Maria Andrews, Business Development Account Director
Young & Rubicam , Europe, Middle East & Africa

A great service - no agency should be without it."
Jacqui Watson, Creative Services Co-ordinator, AndersonSprattGroup, Belfast

"Oh my goodness! We were pleasantly shocked this morning at the rapidity of your service. Thank you so much for your help!"
Vanessa Abran-Bromley, Marketel, McCann Montreal

"A treasure trove of information, easily accessible at very reasonable prices."
Robert Williamson, Mortimer Whittaker O'Sullivan

"An invaluable service which, particularly in pitch scenarios, has saved us time and money."
Amy Lawson, WCRS Advertising

"Very useful with new business -- especially when you want to compare competitive messages fast."
Keith Coni, McCann-Erickson

I was very satisfied by the service that you performed for us. It was quick, precise and cost-effective, too."
Markus Kueppers,
Rempen & Partner, Düsseldorf

"Thanks for your search it was extremely helpful. We will be using your services again."
Annette Fox, Maher Bird Associates

Thank you for the fast turnaround of detailed information you provided on straplines, which was of great help to us at McCann. "I have passed your name to several colleagues and would have no hesitation in recommending your service in the future."
Lucy Green,

"Fast, comprehensive and an important part of creative development within the Agency."
Ian Dommett, 1576 Advertising Ltd

"We were engaged in an important positioning project for a major global firm. The service enabled us to narrow down the field of possibilities and forced us to continue searching for a more creative expression of the core concept, relative to the field of competitive claims which the service unearthed for us."
Edna Kissmann, Kissmann & Co.

"We use the ADSlogans service because it is essential that we know what companies are saying about their brands. "As a result we can advise our clients on the quintessence of their brand - the appropriate claim."
Jorinde Gessner, Springer & Jacoby International

"Adslogan's PosCheck report provided us with the means to kick-start both the strategic and creative process in a market where credible product or service differentiation is nigh on impossible. "It gave an immediate idea of competitor positioning which then acted as a basis for the thinking to push against, making our tired brains start to 'storm' once again. "Within hours we had a number of great and different ideas on the table, and the motivation and positivity had returned. "Their service standards are also second to none, particularly with regards to their attention to detail and the speed of delivery, with the result that there was no delay to the development process."
Adi Staite, Faulds Advertising

"The report was very comprehensive - but also easy to review. The quick turn around is wonderful - and essential in our business as you no doubt know."
Sandy Woods, kwp! Advertising, Adelaide, Australia

"Many thanks for your quick turnaround of the PosCheck we commissioned for our pitch. It has been enormously helpful in summarising the competitive advertising environment. I suspect that, having tried it once, it will now become standard procedure for almost any new business pitch."
Jim Williams
Research & Strategy Director, Young & Rubicam, Europe, Middle East & Africa

"It's a very important tool to develop new business and understand a category worldwide."
Ken Fujioka, Loducca Publicidade Ltd, Sao Paulo, Brazil

"I have visited your website this evening, and I was so relieved to find such a powerful site. "I have never imagined that there could be such a place that has the exact solution to my task. "I was just about to stay awake all night to find all the slogans I need until my eyes are bloody red. "It's a tremendous help to all the people in the ad business to be able to get the best material in the shortest time. "I can see from these precious experiences in the web that the world we live in is escalating indeed! "Thank you."
Hame Park, Lee & DDB, Seoul, Korea

"A fast, efficient and friendly service, thank you so much for your help."
Sam Smith, J Walter Thompson

"This information has been fantastic, it is exactly what we were looking for!"
Ainsley Mackay, TBWA Simons Palmer

"When there's a nagging doubt over a line or phrase it pays to have the reassurance..."
Richard Midgley, Advertising Principles

"A comprehensive and very efficient service which fulfills the very important desire to see what competitors are doing."
Shelley Dunk,
EuroRSCG Wnek Gosper

"An excellent place to start research into positioning."
Nic Owen, M&C Saatchi

"We were very pleased about the prompt service and easy handling of this job. The results were easy to read and understand. A recommendable service!"
K. Koepf, HIEL Werbeagentur, Munich

"I like the fast overview of the marketplace it provides."
Richard Woods, Eleven

"Extraordinarily fast and very thorough."
Melanie Copeland, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

"We think it will be a valuable complement to the range of legal and qualitative brand information that we offer our clients. Carrying out a comprehensive brand audit is a prerequisite to the sort of brand positioning we do, and this adds another useful dimension. It's a wonderfully quick and responsive service.
Kate Fishenden, Brand Guardians

"During a rushed and high tension pitch for a local airline account, our copywriters were midnight-oiling it for a new base line, and came up with 'UP WHERE YOU BELONG'. "Creativity is one thing, concensus is another; decision makers among us felt the line had been used already somewhere. How to determine this? We browsed the Net to find a suitable research site -- one that could answer our nagging doubts. "Hey presto, popped up. Benefit number one, an easy-to-use site -- we were immediately comfortable in the knowledge that we had access to a professional and knowledgeable resource. "The benefit turned into a huge bonus. Within three hours of placing our request we received a comprehensive 10-page report that covered the world at large -- time, place and industry which had the same line or similar."
Elke Cramer, Executive Creative Director, The Agency for Advertising and Marketing, Johannesburg, South Africa


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