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Anatomy of a Search - The Search Phase

We take the search request, e.g.:

  • "Can you give us all the shampoo lines?" (BizCheck)

  • "Can we compare the positioning of competitive brands in our category?" (PosCheck)

  • "Can you give us all the lines that talk about 'flavour'?" (TermCheck)

  • "Is anyone using the line 'Our business is your future', particularly in financial services?" (LineCheck)

We clarify any questions, e.g. What part of financial services? e.g., Banking? Insurance? Loans?

We obtain the brand name, or brand category.

We agree a price and delivery time and promise to call when the report has been delivered.

We search the database.

We search other reference sources, as needed.

We search the Web.

We search the UK, EC, US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and Irish
Trademark Registries, if appropriate.

Anatomy of a Search - The Reporting Phase

We produce a totally customised report of any users or near users, e.g. 'It's our business to make your future a success', with a list of all lines using the key words, e.g., 'business', 'future' and 'success'.

We provide a list of all lines about specific ideas or using given key words.

We provide a list of brand category lines (eg banking), organized by brand & year.

We provide a list of brand category lines organized by positioning.

We complete a quality-control check to ensure good delivery of what is wanted.

We deliver by e-mail , typically 10-15 pages.

  • Normal: Overnight

  • Premium: within 4 hours

We follow up with a phone call to ensure delivery is OK and client is satisfied.

We monitor the situation and provide further alerts within one month if anything relevant pops up, e.g. a new competitive ad using the line.


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