SloganMaker Service Description

What is SloganMaker?

  • Special 12-page self-administered questionnaire to assist in planning and development of message and preferred slogan style, based on a review of 73 current slogans

  • Enables strengths and weaknesses of line to be measured with Sloganalysis diagnostic tool
  • Easy-to-use system for developing a new slogan yourself.

  • Requires LineCheck of line so developed
  • Includes optional BizCheck of lines of the brand category, if required

Who is it for?

  • Anyone wishing to develop an effective advertising slogan at minimum cost in the shortest possible time

When should it be used?

  • Whenever a new slogan is required

What is it for?

  • Provides a carefully thought-out way to develop the right slogan for the job
  • Checks resultant slogan for conflicting uses (LineCheck)
  • Reports slogans of the business category, if required (Optional BizCheck)

How soon can I get it?

  • Questionnaire: emailed same day as request

  • Optional BizCheck: 9am following morning

  • LineCheck 9am morning following search request

How much does it cost?

  • Standard SloganMaker self-administered questionnaire is free of charge
  • LineCheck (GBP 250/ US$500 / Euros €400) for first line
  • LineCheck additional lines, per line GBP 150 / US$300 / Euros €240
  • BizCheck, special price GBP 125  / US$250 / Euros €200

How do I order?

  • Phone: Tim Foster on +44 (0)208 763 2225, any day, any time

  • Fax: Tim Foster on +44 (0)208 763 2011

  • E-Mail: Tim Foster on

  • Include name, address and telephone number in request

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