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What is a Mission Statement?

  • Driver of many leading enterprises; affirmation of philosophy and direction

  • Developed by a business or organization to focus people on:

    • What the entity is about

    • Where they think they are going

    • How they intend to get there.

What's in your Mission Statements database?

  • Assembly of Mission Statements of key organizations throughout the world

  • Enables the creation of totally customized Mission-Statement groupings according to precise needs

  • Searchable by business name, business category/industry, base country, key words and membership in various listing groups, such as Fortune 500, Dow Jones Industrials, FTSE 100 etc.

  • Service is not on-line. We do the searching and create the reports according to client requirements.

Who is it for?

  • Management consultants

  • Business counselors

  • Advertising & PR agencies

  • Branding consultants

  • Senior management of corporations and organizations

  • Investment analysts

  • Researchers

  • Business schools -- faculty and students

  • Career counselors, head hunters, recruiters

  • Graduates and others making career decisions

  • The media

When should it be used?

  • Any time it's necessary to determine an organization's...

    • strategic intent

    • vision

    • corporate culture

  • Whenever comparisons among various players are necessary:

    • competitive audits and analyses

    • merger-and-acquisition plans

    • new-business plans

    • business-category or industry surveys

    • investment analysis

    • management-style reviews

    • career-target prospects

What do I get?

  • Customized report according to your needs, e.g., the Mission Statements of:

    • Your or your client's key competitors

    • The key players in the global telecoms arena

    • The leading Japanese banks

    • Companies focusing on heritage

    • The companies making up the key market indices in New York

    • The key Dutch companies

    • Companies using short terse statements vs long verbose one

    • Recently acquired companies

  • Delivered by fax or email

How soon can I get it?

  • Normal: Overnight, by 09:00 local time next morning

  • Premium: Within three hours of request (subject to availability)

How much does it cost?

  • Normal: 100 (US$187.50/Euros€150) for up to five mission statements - extra specified statements at 15 (US$37.50/Euros€30) each

  • Single mission statements are 25 each

  • Premium: Normal fee plus 50%

How do I order?

We need to have a conversation to discuss your precise needs and our ability to meet them, so please...

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