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Research the Brand Category

"What's the big picture? Who are the key players? What do they say?"

Lists lines in a particular brand category alphabetically and chronologically.



Understand the Brand Owners

"What makes the key players tick? Where do they stand?"

Reviews corporate culture and strategic intent of the key players in the brand category.



Check out the Competition

"How does the brand's message compare with competition?"

Compares brand positioning in a given category. Shows main themes and gaps.



Develop the Message

"We're brainstorming ideas for a new line. How can you help?"

Checks uses of specific terms, concepts or ideas for brainstorming.



Complete the Message

"How can we find out if our new line is in use?"

Checks prior or current use of a proposed new endline.



Evaluate the Message

"How can we measure the line's effectiveness?"

Assesses content of slogan against 25 critical benchmarks. Provides basis for comparison.



Coordinate into one simple package

"How can we carry out all the approporiate steps in one simple, manageable process?

Provides all our slogan development services in one cohesive package at one low price.



Overcome regulatory denial of approval.

"How can we attempt to get approval to a line when it has been denied?"

Reports on other approved uses of the same sort of concept as a precedent, to seek a reversal.

9. Create new slogan NEW! "How can we develop an effective new tagline in minimum time at minimum cost?" Provides, free of charge, self-administered questionnaire and system to help planning and development of a new line.
10. Register your new slogan NEW! "How can I register my new slogan in your database?" Enables you to get your new slogan listed in the ADSlogans database.

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When you need a new name or slogan for a product or service...

We go through an intensive collaborative process to develop a new name and/or slogan for you.


When you want to read up on the theory of advertising slogans...

We've written an article -- The Art & Science of the Advertising Slogan -- which helps put it all together.


When you're creating or evaluating a new slogan and you want to see how well it works...

We'll help you assess the content of a slogan against 25 key benchmarks and provide a basis for comparison.


When you want to read up on various subjects or opinions pertaining to advertising slogans...

We collect and present articles from industry experts about advertising slogans -- see Wise Words.


When you want to test your knowledge of advertising slogans and have a bit of fun, too...

We present a new edition of our popular quiz each week and provide an archive of previous games.


When you want to review the heritage of some the greatest advertising lines in history...

We present The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame, identifying the best
in branding.


When you want to search this site...

We provide a search engine to search this site.


When you want study material...

We provide a vast array of study and reference materials free of charge.


When you have any other questions about slogans or logos...

We are always ready to help you find out the information you want.

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