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The Ten Commandments of Commitment
    1. Thou shalt not make promises unless thou canst keep them. Thou shalt always do what thou sayest thou wilt do.

    2. Thou shalt meet or beat all thy deadlines or thou shalt be as good as dead.

    3. Thou shalt act as if there is no ‘Plan B’, but thou shalt have a ‘Plan B’ nevertheless. Mayhap thou wouldst fain need it.

    4. Thou shalt complete thy tasks with as much enthusiasm as thou displayed when thou sayeth thou wouldst perform them.

    5. Thou shalt not plead false excuses, not ever. Thou shalt thus forswear artifice.

    6. Thou shalt never subscribe to the philosophy that the job is not done until thou hast come up with a jolly good reason as to why the job is not done.

    7. Thou shalt understand and accept verily that the result is everything, the process is nothing.

    8. Thou shalt banish mystery, hence misery, from thy clients’ expectations in all that thou doest.

    9. Thou shalt always inform thy client when thou canst not fulfill a promise — yea, e'en before the failure occurs.

    10. Thou shalt obey the teachings of Yoda: "There is no ‘try’. There is only ‘do’ or ‘not do’."

Timothy R V Foster 2001
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