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What is LineCheck?

  • A customised report of other uses of a proposed new advertising line, and any 'near misses' found

  • A report of other lines using the key words in the line, to help spot other similarities

  • Sourced from our own database, that of Xtreme Information, plus the trademark registers of USA, Canada, UK, EC, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland, International (Madrid protocol), and the Web (other countries available on request)

  • Delivered by e-mail

Who is it for?

  • Advertising agencies

  • Advertisers

  • Marketeers

When should it be used?

  • When pitching a proposed line for new business, before the presentation

  • When finalising a new line for a brand, before seeking approvals

What is it for?

  • Reports examples of same or similar lines found in our database and specified trademark registers and the web - a triple back-up

  • Researches any specific concerns in depth (e.g. if a certain line is believed to have been used by a particular advertiser, we'll find out)

  • Provides reasonable assurance that proposed line is not likely to be in current or recent use by a competitor, or...

  • Avoids embarrassment and expense of running a 'used' or previously registered line and having to change it

How soon can I get it?

  • Normal: noon local time next day

  • Premium: Within four hours of request

How much does it cost?

  • Normal: GBP 250 (US$500/Euros €400) for first line to be checked

  • Plus GBP 200 (US $400/Euros €320) per additional line to be checked

  • Premium: Normal fee plus 50%

How do I order?

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  • Phone: Tim Foster on +44 (0)208 763 2225, any day, any time

  • Fax: Tim Foster on +44 (0)208 763 2011

  • E-Mail: Tim Foster on

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