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The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame Announces Most Relevant Slogans for ‘Taxing Times’ - March 20, 2004
The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame Says New York and Rolo are the World’s Top ‘Love’ Slogans - February 13, 2004
Introducing The Mosties & Leasties Tagline Review For 2003 - January 7, 2004
AdSlogans Unlimited Becomes - October 23, 2003

The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame Now Offers Free Review of Many Ads Online - July 2 2003

The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame Announces New Members for 2003 - May 6 2003

AdSlogans forms strategic alliance with Xtreme Information - Apr 4 2003 Goes Irish! - Mar 24 2003

PRESS RELEASES - 2002 expands database to include taglines from 'Oz' and the Land of the Canuck - Nov 3 2002

So Have You Written About AdSlogans Lately? - August 5, 2002 Announces Free Online Resource for Ad Industry Students and Teachers Worldwide - Jul 24 2002 Announces Free SloganMaker® Service - July 9 2002
The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame Honours 27 More of the Greatest Lines of All Time - April 2 2002

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So Have You Written About AdSlogans Lately?

We hope the following news briefs will remind you, as you put together your stories on advertising, slogans, branding solutions, and public relations, not to forget about and international industry expert Timothy R. V. Foster. He offers unique, witty and experienced commentary on advertising and slogan solutions for companies large and small, and is also able to speak at length on the evolution (and art) of the slogan throughout industry history. Announces Free SloganMaker™ Service

'Do it Yourself' comes to the world of advertising, as Timothy R. V. Foster announces the SloganMaker system, a new approach to branding and slogan creation launched as a free service through SloganMaker is an easy-to-use process that enables individuals to develop a new slogan for themselves, facilitating the creation of an effective advertising tagline in less than two hours. And best of all it's free. SloganMaker helps users become their own best branding experts, while actually creating a slogan and brand direction, with expert analysis and guidance all the way.

The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame Honours Greatest Lines of All Time

Founded by Timothy R V Foster, the Hall of Fame’s panel of international advertising experts recently honoured 31 more of the best in branding, bringing total membership up to 114 classic all-time greats. Lines selected from over 100 nominees included “Reach out and touch someone,” for AT&T, “Free enterprise with every issue,’ for The Economist and ‘I liked it so much I bought the company!’ for Remington. For more information, visit

AdSlogans Offers Time on the Couch for Slogans, with ‘Sloganalysis®’

Another brainchild from Foster, Sloganalysis® is a diagnostic tool to measure any slogan. A step beyond SloganMaker, Sloganalysis helps business owners and entrepreneurs be their own best creative resources by ensuring that a slogan will be effective. It is a process to assess a slogan against 25 critical benchmarks, revealing its strengths and weaknesses.

In the Works

Now completing his 25th book, Timothy R. V. Foster has a new article for those seeking branding success for their businesses. Create Your Own Success Plan outlines how to design a step-by-step action program, and is available for placement now.


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