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CLIENT COMMENTS    >> MORE - Press Release - Jul 24 2002 Announces Free Online Resource for Ad Industry Students and Teachers Worldwide

Web Site Unveils Special Section Solely 'For Students and Educators'

London - For immediate release, July 24, 2002 - In today’s unending stream of images, ads, media and message, advertising students are faced with greater challenges than ever. When it comes to understanding the industry and its evolution, the sheer amount of information generated by the advertising world over the past century can be daunting to both student and teacher alike. Therefore, to assist those teaching the trade of advertising - as well as those who set out to learn it - advertising expert Timothy R V Foster now announces the addition of a free ‘For Students and Educators’ resource section to the web site.

“It’s vital that students understand the basic characteristics of the advertising slogan, as well as the elements required for a good campaign,” comments Foster. “The study and reference materials I offer in the new ‘Students and Educators’ section will assist teachers in communicating the art and science of the advertising slogan to students - and on the other side will help students in better understanding what they’re being taught.”

The new ‘For Students and Educators’ section can be found here and is available for all knowledge seekers free of charge. The section incorporates a wealth of industry information and history, with these needs and solutions:

Needs and solutions for students and educators

•To understand what drives the  creation of a new slogan, a slogan  evolution flow chart.

•To understand the basic  characteristics of an advertising  slogan, the definitive slogan article.

•To create a new slogan, the  SloganMaker™ workbook

•To measure the effectiveness of a  slogan, the Sloganalysis®  diagnostic tool

•To see samples of slogans for  different brand categories, lists of  slogans by category

•To read a variety of articles about  slogans, the ‘Wise Words’ 20-part  anthology

•To test brand savvy, the What’s My  Brand weekly slogan quiz

•To review some of the great  historical slogans of all time, The  Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame

                        # # #

All Foster asks is that those who use his materials and references e-mail AdSlogans with their intent at , to assist him in monitoring general educational and research trends.

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