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The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame Says New York
and Rolo are the World’s Top ‘Love’ Slogans

The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame Says New York
and Rolo are the World’s Top ‘Love’ Slogans

The ‘Best in Branding’ Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Slogans

London - For immediate release, February 13, 2004 - New York’s famous ‘I "Heart" NY’ slogan and Rolo’s ‘Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?’ have been nominated as the all-time great love slogans, according to research carried out by The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame. The U.K.-based institution studied the effectiveness of advertising taglines featuring the word ‘Love,’ just in time for Valentine’s Day. Ten British and ten U.S. slogans were selected and evaluated using a diagnostic tool which measures any line using ten key benchmarks. The survey found that Americans lead the way in expressing the amorous sentiment most effectively - top-scoring lines are known as ‘Mosties’, while those that perform less well are known as ‘Leasties’.

Four U.S. slogans and one U.K. slogan achieved perfect scores, led by the long-lasting advertising campaign, ‘I "Heart" NY’. The top U.K. slogan was Rolo’s ‘Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?’ (Rolo is a highly seductive chocolate candy that is - in the opinion of many - worth relocating to Britain for.)

Other top performing U.S. ‘Love’ quotes include:

• ‘Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven, and Pillsbury
says it best.’
• ‘Virginia is for lovers.’
• ‘You don’t have to be Jewish to love Levy’s.’ [Levy’s Rye Bread]

The other American slogans studied were:

The U.S. Love Slogan "Mosties"
• ‘All you add is love.’ [Purina Dog Chow] (80%)
• ‘We love to fly and it shows.’ [Delta Airlines] (75%)
• ‘Drive = Love.’ [Chrysler] (75%)
• ‘It must be love.’ [Honda] (75%)

The U.S. Love Slogan "Leasties"
• ‘I love this game.’ [National Basketball Association] (70%)
• ‘I’m lovin’ it.’ [McDonald’s] (65%)

The ten American slogans scored an aggregate of 84%, while the ten Brits achieved a total score of 75.5%.

Timothy R.V. Foster, founder of the Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame, comments, "It’s always interesting to make comparisons - especially where love is concerned. When our good friend, the famous Val N. Tyne, asked us to help find out who were the better lovers, Yanks or Brits, we saw our opportunity. Our new Sloganalysis® diagnostic tool measures effectiveness by seeing how well any slogan performs against ten standards, all without getting emotionally involved. In fact, the Sloganalysis line, no doubt inspired by Woody Allen, is, ‘Anal is our middle name,’ which scored 100%. A perfect sentiment for a researcher."

The Sloganalysis® Benchmarks

The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame uses the Sloganalysis® ( diagnostic tool to measure the effectiveness of advertising slogans. The 10 benchmarks are:
1. Memorability
2. Brand-name recall
3. Key benefit inclusion
4. Brand differentiation
5. Reflection of the brand personality
6. Believability
7. Strategy
8. Competitiveness
9. Originality
10. Current usage by others

About The Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame

The Advertising Slogan Hall Of Fame exists to recognize excellence and best practice in advertising, benchmarking creativity and identifying the best in branding. Slogans are elected by a panel of distinguished judges from the advertising industry.

Currently, 114 slogans have been elected as members, appointed over the last three years. Among the lines are:

• ‘Because I’m worth it.’ (L’Oreal)
• ‘Fly the friendly skies.’ (United)
• ‘Finger-lickin’ good!’ (KFC)
• ‘Let your fingers do the walking.’ (Yellow Pages)
• ‘Merrill Lynch is Bullish on America.’
• ‘Nothing runs like a Deere.’ (John Deere)
• ‘Reach out and touch someone.’ (AT&T)
• ‘Say it with flowers.’ (FTD)
• ‘Schhh...You-Know-Who.’ (Schweppes)
• ‘We try harder.’ (Avis)
• ‘When you got it, flaunt it!’ (Braniff)
• ‘Where’s the beef?’ (Wendy’s)

Timothy R. V. Foster’s expertise on the subject of slogans is in high demand from such respected publications as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times Creative Business, Adweek, and Brandweek, among others. Recent radio interviews with Mr. Foster were staged by BBC Radio Wales, BBC World Service and Doug Whiteman of the Associated Press’s national U.S. business program.

More Information

For more information on Timothy R. V. Foster or, or for intelligent commentary upon the advertising industry in general, please contact “Chief SloganMaven” Timothy R. V. Foster in the U.K. at 44 (0) 20 8763 2225, or via e-mail at .

For additional publicity or background materials, please contact publicist Angela Mitchell in the U.S., at (904) 982-8043 or via e-mail at


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