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Advertising Hall of Fame (USA)

The industry's highest award, honouring lifetime achievement in advertising. David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach and the like.

Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame (UK)

Designed to recognise excellence in advertising and to act as a benchmark of creativity. You'll find it here.

Aerial Awards (UK)
Radio Advertising Bureau

Set up by the Radio Advertising Bureau on behalf of the commercial radio industry to honour excellence in creative radio advertising. Run for creatives and judged by creatives.

American Advertising Awards (Addy) (USA)

Claims to be the biggest creative ad competition in America.

British Design and Art Direction (UK)
(D&AD Yellow Pencils)

D&AD isn't better than sex, it says here. But you have every right to feel pretty damn euphoric if you get your work into the Book, or better still, if you win a Pencil. Publishes an annual collection of nominees ('The Book').

Clio Advertising Awards (USA)

Clio claims to be the world's largest advertising awards competition and one of the most prestigious in the international advertising and business communities. Begun in 1959, Clio recognizes advertising excellence worldwide in the areas of TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Integrated Media, Package Design, Student, and Web Sites.

Cresta International Advertising Awards (USA)

Cresta international advertising awards for creativity were launched in 1993 by Creative Standards International, in partnership with the International Advertising Association.

Effie Awards (USA)
American Marketing Association

The only US award that honours creative achievement in meeting and exceeding advertising objectives -- effective advertising that works in the marketplace.

Euro Effie Awards (Belgium)


The European Association of Advertising Agencies merged with the Euro-EFFIEs, creating what they claim to be a 'truly pan-European' award for advertising effectiveness. There are also national EFFIE award schemes run in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Greece. The UK, Spain, Sweden and Ireland, organize their own separate (non-EFFIE) effectiveness awards. Sounds typically European, doesn't it? Truly.

IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (UK)

The IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards were established in 100%0 and are a biennial competition. Entries take the form of 4,000-word case histories which are later published as part of the Advertising Works series. The IPA databank, which can also be accessed on the IPA site, holds over 700 case histories.

London International Advertising & Design Awards (UK)

One of the largest international festivals.

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