How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant

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ISBN 0-7494-3866-5
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Reviews and reader comments

"A really excellent guide to the practicalities of starting or growing a consultancy. Easy to read with practical ideas that are straight forward to implement and will get you started quickly. The same day that it was delivered to me I won my first commission - draw your own conclusions!"

An Amazon customer

"Packed with useful tips and fresh ideas, this easy-to-read book offers all that any professional could possibly need to succeed in business. Foster's straight to the point attitude really hits home and a few humorous anecdotes help to give a more relaxed approach.  Foster's Ladder of Goodwill is particularly useful at targeting potential customers and keeping them! A simple idea but it has really helped me departmentalise my client base."

Robert Jones


The only way to build credibility for what you offer is to make every experience of dealing with you positive and unforgettable. You want to make sure your proposition works! It must be bomb-proof. You must do things like delivering on, or ahead of deadline. You must always exceed expectations. You should reinforce the positive reactions, and don't even let a negative reaction occur, but if it does, fix it and fix it fast! It is the accumulation of experiences that establishes a primary image of credibility for you in the mind of your target. The image you establish will help to induce further experience of your products and services. Or it won't.

Excerpt 2002 Timothy R. V. Foster


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