Better Business Writing
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ISBN 0-7494-3801-0
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Reviews and reader comments

Better Business Writing is a reformatted and updated version of 101 Ways to Better Business Writing. The following reviews apply to the earlier book:
"Timothy R V Foster has amassed everything you will ever want to know about improving your business writing techniques .... his credentials are impeccable."

(International Association of Business Communicators)

"Highly practical... many useful tips covering everything from understanding copyright to writing e-mail."

Business Life


Many of the people you want to reach today will do almost anything to avoid the act of reading. They look at. They scan. They skip long-looking text. They allow distractions to destroy what little concentration they were applying. They give up before absorbing your message correctly.

Combine this with the prevailing trend to outsourcing and self-employment. This often means those who never thought of themselves as writers must now take on that task. Yet the need for excellence in written communication has never been greater, especially in today’s corporations, organisations and
one-man bands.

Better Business Writing provides essential guidance on communicating clearly, tightly, and with style. Expert author Timothy R V Foster takes you through the whole subject with helpful advice and practical checklists. He covers all the important issues, including:

Clarifying the audience to be reached
Choosing the structure that fits the task
Understanding different text styles and when to use them
Creating advertisements and direct mail to get results
Composing articles, speeches and scripts to inform and enthuse
Making business proposals and presentations to win
Producing books, manuals and brochures that work
Developing websites, multimedia and E-mail that click

Excerpt © 2002 Timothy R. V. Foster


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