How To Be Better At Customer Care

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ISBN 0-7494-2945-3
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Reviews and reader comments
"I am currently working as a VSO volunteer in business development in Macedonia. I have just finished reading (and enjoyed very much) your book - 'How To Be Better At Customer Care'. I read it to help me with a project on which I am currently working which is to improve the customer service among the staff of a chain of petrol stations/retail stores here in Macedonia. I found it very helpful, and the numerous case studies you provide will be of great benefit when we begin our presentation to the company. They were also a wonderful help for a recent staff training seminar."

Kevin Kenny


Good customer service can be summed up in one word: respect. Respect for the customer's time and intelligence. Respect for their desire to manage their own destiny. The customer is crying out: 'Don't waste my time!'

What customers hate is uncertainty. They hate waiting, but they can handle it if they know how long and why the delay. But they hate being lied to, so saying 'it'll just be ten minutes' when it will really be thirty is very bad. London's buses are building ridership with readouts at bus stops that tell how long before the next number 14 will be along.

When you encounter a ten-mile tailback on the motorway, which would you rather do, sit in line for an unknown period or use the back roads, that you know will take two hours? Most people want to take action, rather than sit in ignorance. They want to run their own lives. They'd take the back roads if they could only get off the motorway.



Excerpt 1999 Timothy R. V. Foster


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