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by Andrew Fraser, Chief Executive, Invest in Britain Bureau

The UK attracts more foreign direct investment than any other developed country in the world apart from the United States. Foreign investors, mainly from North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, produced an all-time record of 618 projects last year. Britain also accounts for some 40% of all US and Japanese investment in the European Union and within the single market itself, cross-border investment is far higher into the UK than any other country.

So why the popularity? It is a familiar story: a deregulated and flexible economy, low labour costs, tightly controlled inflation accompanied by rapid growth, low business and personal taxes all backed by a hard-working, English-speaking workforce with a high level of skills. Couple these attractions with world-class business expertise; London's strength as a global financial centre; a strong commitment to the single European market; the right intellectual property rules; tax-free opportunities for research and development; the lack of foreign exchange controls or restrictions on repatriated profits, and you have a winning recipe for profitability.



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