101 Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction

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ISBN 0-7494-2301-3
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Reviews and reader comments
"What an excellent book it is; everybody in marketing should read it ... crammed with valuable advice. There are so many good examples it's hard to single out the best."

Drayton Bird,
Marketing magazine

"A marvel of compression, crispness and good sense. I can imagine companies using it as the check list intended and putting the scores to practical advantage. It is at the extreme of practical..."

Tim Ambler,
Senior Fellow,
London Business School

"Once again Tim Foster comes up with the goods - lots of ideas that you can put into action today to improve your bottom line."

Better Business magazine

"What is amazing is that when you see something described in print it seems so obvious -- but how often do we get it right on the day? I don't know whether our Customer Service training people know of your book, but I am going to suggest they make it required reading!"

Liz Croft,
British Airways


Way 10
Stay alert after you've clinched the deal

It's too easy to consider the deal is done when you've delivered the goods. But this is where you can get clobbered. Best practice suggests you need to stay contactable with the customer. In fact, it's not at all bad to make a call after delivery to make sure everything is all right. Kitchen supplier MFI puts this right in their advertising. They list 'all you get' with their offer a bunch of cabinets and appliances, and other items:

  • Free planning and design advice

  • Free delivery

  • Installation guaranteed for 12 months

  • A call to check fully satisfied

The benefit of the follow-up call is that it enables you to nip a problem in the bud. I deliver a lot of my work by fax or e-mail. I've found it's very helpful to make a call and make sure that material was received (it may still be sitting in their fax machine, along with a lot of other stuff; they may not have looked at their e-mail), that it is legible (faxes do get scrambled) and that what was delivered was what was wanted.

Excerpt 1999 Timothy R. V. Foster


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