101 Ways to Better Business Writing
Plain Language Commission.

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ISBN 0-7494-1993-8
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"Timothy R V Foster has amassed everything you will ever want to know about improving your business writing techniques .... his credentials are impeccable."

(International Association of Business Communicators)

"Highly practical... 101 useful tips covering everything from understanding copyright to writing e-mail."

Business Life


Chapter 1
The need for better communication

The world of business has a permanent and constantly varying need to communicate. In order for the reader to understand this point, it might be helpful for him or her to consider some of the communications requirements that a business might face in a typical day:

  • To make a proposal for funding a new venture

  • Describe a process so that those involved in the process will better understand what they are required do about it

  • Making an announcement to prospective governmental, municipal, educational and commercially-orientated purchasers of the forthcoming availability of a recently developed product...


I'm losing you! Your eyes are glazing over. You try to get more comfortable to help ease the pain. This is a book about better writing? That was terrible writing!

Relax. It was put there to make a point. I bet you've read tons of writing like that. Isn't it a crime!

Excerpt © 1999 Timothy R. V. Foster


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