101 Ways To Get Great Publicity

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ISBN 0-7494-0958-4
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Reviews and reader comments
"This fertile concoction is full of pertinent ideas and reminders for when you are stuck."

Institute of Public Relations Journal

"This is a refreshing book that sparks up many new ideas and acts as a reminder of some good ones from the past that are just as valid today."

Martin Langford,
Former Chairman,
Public Relations Consultancies Association

"101 Ways to Get Great Publicity contains worthwhile advice."

Financial Times

"This is a really useful, practical book containing witty and imaginative ideas for generating great publicity on a limited budget."



Way 67
Create an advisory board

An advisory board of experts in your field can be very helpful. They might help in designing message, the product, the communication, the sponsorship, all kinds of things. If they are seen to be important in the area of interest, they can confer gravitas to the project that might otherwise be hard to get.

An advisory board is particularly useful in the early days of a product's life cycle. The lifelong experience and know how of the advisory board replaces the inexperience and lack of track record of the actual subject. The members of the board can be good interview subjects, each taking a different angle of the overall story. But do remember to train them (see Way 42).

Way 72
Involve the community

How can you involve your local community? Well, it depends what you're message is. When it was announced that British Coal was to close dozens of mines and throw 36,000 miners out of work, the local communities staged a protest jaunt to 10 Downing Street. There's a lot of power in this kind of grass-roots mobilisation. The closures were deferred, largely because of the massive protest march and the ensuing uproar of indignation.

Excerpt 1999 Timothy R. V. Foster


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