101 Ways To Get More Business

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ISBN 0-7494-0760-3
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"It might seem odd to get excited about a business book, but this is the one. It is snappy, inspiring and comes in a workshop style which is quick and easy to read. There are 101 solid ideas for generating more business, many of which are quite inspiring. It is the next best thing to sitting down with a business adviser. I would recommend it to anyone running a service industry, the enthusiasm is quite infectious."

Business Echo

"This book is inspirational - in the best sense. Open it at almost any page and you will find a clear list of 'to dos' and what they will achieve. There's absolutely no waffle, no theory, no academic discussion. Just straightforward techniques for you to apply as they are or amend slightly to fit your particular circumstances. It is a thorough book. It covers everything from analysing your business to prompting bigger sales each time you sell. It's like having your own adviser sitting at your desk to give you the best advice as and when you need it."

 Wyvern Business Library


Way 96
Don't wait until after they've budgeted

A lot of companies have rigorous budgeting procedures. The budgeting process takes place about three months before the start of their fiscal year. If what you offer will involve a major expenditure, you want to make sure you're in their budget. If you're not, you may find yourself waiting until next year for approval.

Make a note of your target's budgeting situation, and then make sure you've made your proposal in time to be included in the budget.

Way 97
Give a deadline for buying

People are notoriously unwilling to make a buying decision, so it may be up to you to create a deadline. "I can hold this price until next Wednesday." "This stock is going back on Friday, after which I won't be able to offer you the same kind of deal." "I only have one left, and I'm reducing the price 100 a day until it's sold!" "It's first come, first served, so if you want to be sure of having it, I'd advise you to buy it now." "This is a prepublication price. After June 1, it will cost 5 more."

Excerpt 1999 Timothy R. V. Foster


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