101 Ways To Generate Great Ideas

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ISBN 0-7494-0533-3
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Reviews and reader comments
"If your problem is not so much concentrating on the tasks others set you but of thinking up some of your own then 101 Ways to Generate Great Ideas is the book for you."

Financial Times

"I greatly enjoyed this book..."

Tony Greener,
Chairman, Guinness PLC

"Deserves ten out of ten for its title alone. The book is packed with good advice, based on the author's experience in working for international companies and as an independent consultant."


"I think the book could particularly appeal and be useful to professionals who develop the imaginative capacities of others. ...easy and fun to read, the examples are helpful by merit of their variety and grounding in everyday experience."

Janice Coe-Legg,


Way 11
Understand why it's hard to generate ideas

It's hard work to generate ideas because we have never been taught how to do it. It's not part of our culture. When you were at school, did you learn about brain organisation? About thinking processes? About creativity? Not very likely.

So we grow up thinking that it's difficult to be an 'ideas person', they're born, not made and we allow it to be so. We create barriers for ourselves based on this preconception, and we let them get in the way of the truth, which is that we can, in fact, generate great ideas.

It's tough because:

  • We think logically

  • We carry stereotypes in our minds

  • We are afraid to fail

  • We don't want to seem stupid

  • We don't want to be laughed at

  • We don't want to be thought odd.

Why is it so tough for you?

Excerpt 1999 Timothy R. V. Foster


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