The Art and Science of the Advertising Slogan
by Timothy R. V. Foster

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A Slogan SHOULD:
1. Be memorable
2. Recall the brand name
3. Include a key benefit
4. Differentiate the brand
5. Impart positive feelings for the brand
6. Reflect the brand's personality
7. Be strategic
8. Be campaignable
9. Be competitive
10. Be original
11. Be simple
12. Be neat
13. Be believable
14. Help in ordering the brand
A Slogan Should NOT:
15. Be in current use by others
16. Be bland, generic or hackneyed
17. Prompt a sarcastic or negative response
18. Be pretentious
19. Be negative
20. Be corporate waffle
21. Make you say "So what?" or "Ho-hum"
22. Make you say "Oh yeah??"
23. Be meaningless
24. Be complicated or clumsy
And Finally...
25. You should like it 
26. Trends in slogans
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8. A slogan should be campaignable

This means that the line should work across a series of advertising executions. It should have some shelf-life. Then you could have a dozen different ads or commercials, each with its own unique story, with a single common tagline that supports them all, like these:

American Express Card:

Do you know me?

(Endorsements by famous names who are not readily recognizable.)
Blackglama Minks: What becomes a legend most?
(Big stars flaunt their mink coats - but not any more, they don't!)
Dewar's Scotch Whisky: They're doers.
(Profiles of interesting people who just happen to drink Dewar's Scotch.)
Hamlet Cigars: Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet.
(Potpourri of aggravations for which the tranquilizer is lighting up a Hamlet.)
Heineken Beer: How refreshing! How Heineken!
(Variety of unbelievable situations - Wouldn't it be nice if..? scenarios.)
One2One (cellular phone): Who would you like to have a One2One with?
(Celebrities fantasize about chatting with their own heroes.)
Sainsbury's (supermarket) Everyone's favourite ingredient.
(Recipes from various celebrities calling for Sainsbury's ingredients.)

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